• House Carpet Cleaning

    Toronto Wide Carpet Cleaning is one of a few that use a truck mount for carpet cleaning services. The main advantage of a truck mount is that the amount of heat that is generated. We can clean with higher pressure, hotter water and much higher suction power. This leaves the carpet dryer, cleaner and looking better. Our onboard 450L water tanks ensure that we never run out of water and we are able to provicd the deepest cleaning that Toronto has to offer.

  • Condo Carpet Cleaning

    Since we can't use our truck mounted equipment for carpet cleaning in condos and apartments substitute it with one of the most powerful portable units on the market. Our portable units produce 500 psi of pressure and has dual 3 stage vacuums. We use these type of machines to ensure you get the best possible cleaning job and remain happy with our carpet cleaning service. Just give us a call and we'll explain everything in full details.

  • Office Carpet Cleaning

    For office cleaning we offer our carpet cleaning services with both our truck mounted equipment and our portable units. We can accommodate offices anywhere between 100 square feet up to 10'000 square feet. Offices can be cleaned during or after business hours as we provide all our carpet cleaning services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.We clean at your request so that our cleaning does not interfere with your business.




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Welcome to Toronto Wide Carpet Cleaning. We are carpet cleaning Toronto professionals who know how to finish our job successfully while being respectful, time efficient, and exceed our customer expectations




Carpet Cleaning Toronto

It is quite clear carpets need to be cleaned regularly whether it is a company cleaning it or the homeowner. However, to successfully remove any stains, dust, dirt, allergens etc. professionals would be the ideal choice . We offer carpet cleaning services in Toronto to anyone in need of a professional clean. ice cream spill on carpet



Fixed Quote Guarantee

We guarantee you will not be charged more than quoted, and we do NOT charge for stain removal, moving of furniture, deodorizing or same-day carpet cleaning. There is also no extra charges for after hour carpet cleaning as we provide our services 24/7

Satisfaction Guarantee

We pay the upmost attention to every job. We want to make sure every costumer in satisfied. We are confident that we will meet and even exceed your expectations. Upon finishing the job if you are not pleased we will re-clean. We also offer all our clients a 7 day satisfaction guarantee.