Blackout Panel Drapes

There's nothing more annoying than having a whole day off so you can sleep in only to find that you're awakened at the crack of dawn because your curtains let in too much sunlight. Sleep is important, so if you want your King West condos to be a place where you can get your full allotment, you'll want to make sure you install blackout curtains in your bedrooms. This article will explain what blackout curtains are and how you can get some for your bedroom windows.

Blackout curtains used to be necessary during the Second World War to keep the light from the windows of Newmarket homes from announcing to enemy bombers where cities were located. No light was allowed to escape at night, so blackout curtains were mandatory. Today, however, blackout curtains are more about keeping the sunlight out while you're sleeping than about keeping the artificial light in while you're awake at night.

Not everyone uses blackout curtains. Some people have Brampton condos with west-facing windows that don't get a lot of sun in the morning and can therefore make do with regular curtains. Some people can sleep when it's light out. Others use a personal sleep mask. For others, especially those who work nights and have to sleep during the day, blackout curtains are necessary to fool the body's circadian rhythms and allow them to sleep during daylight hours.

Most people, when they first move in and discover that their homes in North York are brighter than they would like in the morning, hang up heavy blankets or tablecloths from the curtain rods at night so that the light doesn't come through. This is not only inconvenient but ugly and hard on your curtain rods, so upgrading to specially designed blackout curtains, which are regular curtains with heavy fabric linings, is always a good idea.

The first step to getting blackout curtains is to measure the windows of your Surrey, British Columbia real estate that you wish to cover. If you're lucky, they will be a standard size and you can order blackout curtains from retailers like Sears or Ikea. However, not all windows are standard sizes. If that's the case with yours, you may have to special order your curtains online. Alternatively, if you have some basic sewing skills, you could also visit the fabric store and buy blackout lining from the upholstery section and line your existing curtains yourself.

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