Studies have shown that people who like to keep their houses neat, tidy, and up to date (think Martha Stewart) and love the idea of entertaining also tend to take a very active role within their community. In many ways, a section on community means that we can present information in article form that is the perfect marriage of the two main themes of our site, namely lifestyle and environmentally-friendly living.

Just how does community allow us to perfectly dovetail these two concepts? Well, first of all there is the focus on the beauty of a community. Odds are very high that if you like to present a nice home front to the world, you also tend to want to live in a community that appreciates the values of presentation as well. This means that you have a vested interest in keeping your community safe, clean, and in general a nice place to visit. It may have even been why you chose to live among Roncesvalles homes instead of in King West condos.

Involvement at the community level is also incredibly important within the environmental arena. Think back to all of the major advances that have occurred in terms of environmental legislation over the past fifty years. Without exception, all were based on grass roots movements, which were started within communities. From a refusal to endorse the importation of poached animal products right up to current greenhouse gas laws and taxes, laws tend to work their way from concerned citizens up to the federal level. If you live on downtown Toronto real estate it may be easier to find a political face for your cause locally than if you lived in another community more focused on different issues.

What this means is that the community structure is often the first place where people band together and forward their concerns on certain issues so that it is noticed at an organizational level. Municipal laws are passed which reflect the concerns of the city group, and these laws are in turn recognized and evaluated by state or provincial legislative bodies. The chain continues until eventually, the highest levels of government (including international bodies) realize that real change is what concerned citizens want. In theory, a concept started by those living in Mississauga homes could be picked up by influential people with a career in real estate or the environment and escalate to being a national law in a matter of a few years. Doesn't that make your community seem powerful?

All of this is great news for those who like to become involved in community issues, but how can you go about making good things happen as far as the appearance and environmental impact of your community? Well, coming up with a few good ideas is what this section of our site is all about.

Odds are pretty good that within your community, there are several organizations already established which can be used as platforms for launching environmental initiatives. We will discuss some places to look and steps to take to become involved. These could range from the PTA near your Milton real estate or a local Lion's Club.

Even if your community lacks any type of grass roots organizational structure, all it takes is one person to get the ball moving. All you need is motivation and a few ideas, and our articles can certainly provide you with some of those!

Many of the greatest movements in community beautification and environmental action have started with just a few motivated individuals. You can be at the heart of the process; all you need is an idea of how to get started. Take a look at the information on our site to get inspired!

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