If you have jumped on the going-green bandwagon then you have probably started conserving water, switching off the lights, and changing over your cleaning products to more environmentally friendly brands. But, have you thought about switching the furniture in your Toronto loft to something a little bit more eco-friendly? This may initially seem like a bit of a hassle and is not as easy as changing up your laundry detergent, but if you are considering doing some home renovations to your waterside home at Pier 27 it's incredibly easy to find green options.

If you think practically, most furniture is already made from natural material found in the great outdoors, so finding environmentally friendly furniture is literally right under your nose. To find a wide selection of green furniture, it's best to visit specialized furniture shops and manufacturers, rather than a large chain with a so-called green division. Some of these shops may be available in local areas, while others are located on the Internet. One of the most common types of green furniture is recycled furniture. This usually includes reclaimed furniture pieces, which are most likely made from wood and are constructed from old wood beams or other solid sections of wood. Reclaimed wood furniture has a distinctive look. In fact, reclaimed furniture often resembles antique furniture pieces, which would definitely look nicer is your Pleasant Valley NY homes than some tacky, dinky furniture.

Green furniture doesn't necessarily have to be made from recycled materials. Commonly, most environmentally friendly furniture pieces are not made from recycled materials but are actually made from natural materials and constructed by companies that pride themselves in being environmentally friendly. Some of the most popular natural materials that are used to construct environmentally friendly furniture pieces are wood, bamboo, and hemp. Wood is a great natural material and when it is harvested correctly it is perfect for environmentally friendly furniture. But bamboo is possibly the best option in green furniture. If wood, bamboo, or metal are not ideal furniture for a certain type of home some people consider refurbishing old pieces of furniture. Bamboo can get pricey though so may not be for everyone. Refurbishing old pieces of comfortable and high quality furniture is a great way to help in the green movement.

Whether you are a Brampton real estate agent trying to spruce up a home to show to potential buyers or are simply doing home renovations, Canada has a lot of options when it comes to environmentally friendly options for furnishing your home. But, like most green trends, recycled material is always best. And even if you are not doing an entire home renovation, you can always start picking up some eco-friendly pieces here and there. If you have a tight budget, try some craft shows or hit up some vintage furniture shops to get those rustic, green pieces you have been looking for. Changing your whole life over in order to be environmentally friendly can be time consuming and hard on your wallet, but some small and subtle changes here and there will really help society's effort to live green, even if it's a small piece of furniture.

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