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One of the easiest ways to live green is through your garden. It doesn't matter if you live on a block of Toronto townhouses or you own a piece of Cabbagetown real estate, if you are fortunate enough to have a green thumb, helping to create and maintain our environment is an excellent way to give back to Mother Nature. But we all know that gardening involves products that can be harmful to our environment, like pesticides. In this article you will learn about environmentally friendly products for your garden and helpful green methods to maintain them.

You don't have to be a gardening expert to know that water is the most important need for any living thing in your garden. If you have an oceanfront property for sale and want to move to the suburbs and start a magnificent garden, the first thing you can do to retain moisture in your soil is to add mulch to your compost. Miracle Mulch is one of the top and greenest of its kind and runs for about eight bucks a bag. It's also a good idea to use recycled water for your garden by investing in a rain barrel. We all know our water resources are diminishing by the second and a rain barrel allows you give your garden the best and most natural drink without draining our natural water sources. You can get a rain barrel at any sort of gardening or hardware store for around a hundred dollars.

When it comes to fertilization, it is best to avoid any type of chemical at all costs. As mentioned above, composting is the most natural way to ensure your plants get the nutrition they need. To make room in your kitchen and to avoid digging up a space, you can purchase a garden composter to store a large amount of natural waste for your garden. These devices are a bit pricey and usually start around three hundred dollars, but they are pesticide free and are an extremely good way to manage your compost and you won't have to resort to manure fertilization through biosolids application.

It doesn't matter if you live in a group of small Guelph condos and have a tiny garden on your patio or have an acre of gardening space, pest control is the top thing you need to be aware of when considering what products you use. Eco-savvy consumers are quickly realizing that they do not have to rely on harmful, toxin-ridden pesticides to get rid of those tricky insects that pollute their gardens. You can use natural items that are easily found in your home like orange peels and mint oil that act as a stomach poison to nasty insects. There are also items available on the shelves that can decrease pests as well. Orange Guard suffocates garden insects while Diatomaceous Earth, made from skeletal remains of plants can cut through insects' protective shells and kill them. Also, a boric acid-based product, like Terra Ant Killer, is one hundred percent environmentally friendly and kills bugs instantly.

These small changes in the way to tend to your garden will help our environment significantly. It doesn't take much to throw out non-environmentally safe products or change your bad habits. It's something that anyone can do. Pass this information along so your neighbors can start gardening green as well. Every little bit helps!

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