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If you are reading material on this website, odds are pretty good you are interested in helping out our planet. You're looking to buy and use products which will have minimal impact on Earth, ensuring that you do your part to keep the planet healthy enough to support life for generations to come. That means you pay attention to the eco side of the products you buy, from aquarium fish foods to building materials. But how do you know if a product is truly environmentally friendly?

One way is to look for special labelling when you are out purchasing products. Retailers and manufacturers know that people today are looking for Earth friendly things to purchase, and might even pay a little more money in order to get them. That means many have gone out of their way to reach out to third party organizations who can add their stamp of approval to certain goods, indicating that the growers supplies, shipping methods, and construction used to make the product are all as green as possible.

There are many different kinds of labels that you see too, indicating everything from recyclable materials to energy efficiency. Many people look to the kilowatt hours chart attached to a recumbent bike, Toronto manufactured washing machine, and other electronics to see if they will use less energy than other models. You can of course also look for the world famous recycling arrows, which indicate if a product is made from or can be turned into recyclable goods.

That all sounds fairly neat and simple, unfortunately eco shopping has turned into big business, and where big business is there is inevitably corruption. In this case, you will probably find that many companies and their third parties are just setting up a front; those eco-friendly products aren't really eco friendly at all. They don't tell you the strapping system used to package the Coke at the bottler was made by slaves in China, that it runs on 50 gallons of diesel fuel every thirty minutes, and other details. They just hope people will believe the labelling system.

That is why everyone has to be as committed to their research as they are to providing a better future for our planet. Before you jump at a product because it seems to be endorsed by an eco watchdog, find out what that watchdog's standards are, how long they have been in business, and what exactly the label systems mean.

Understanding eco friendly labels and labelling companies can truly mean helping out the environment, when you buy kids' toys or duplex strainers. Genuine companies with strict standards are really the only ones you can trust to give you an accurate idea of just how eco friendly a product really is.

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Monday, May 17, 2021