Organizing Green Events

Thinking about putting together an event of some sort in the near future? You should probably be aware of the fact that green is the current way to go for any event you are planning, be it a political rally or a fundraiser for a local hockey school. The public is very aware of the impact that our activities have on the Earth and its ability to support and sustain life as we know it, and planning an event which is environmentally irresponsible can garner a lot of unwanted negative attention.

In this section of the site, we are going to post articles that serve as guides to keeping any event as green as possible. What type of events, you may ask, are we talking about? Well, we think there is enough information in this section to help anyone out with their green event planning, whether you are looking to showcase vacant waterfront properties in Ontario or are putting together a bottle drive.

Part of organizing a good event lies in understanding the people who will be attending. Our articles will help you understand how different events will appeal to different types of people. A fundraising dinner will be more appealing to those who own Rosedale and north Toronto real estate than a community clean up; we'll look at why and how you can use this to your advantage.

Underlying every organizing blueprint on this site is, of course, the idea of planning these events so that they make as little impact on the globe as possible. It's funny how even events planned with an environmental theme in mind can fail to account for all the variables. A good example is a recent cross-country tour by the David Suzuki foundation. While the tour was designed to raise awareness of global warming and thus lessen people's contributions to it, the event came under fire for the amount of greenhouse gases which the transportation would give off. Using a Toronto tent rental to have a single awareness event and launch a major Internet campaign could have achieved the same purpose, but with far fewer emissions!

That example only serves to demonstrate that even green events can result in environmental damage if all areas are not properly considered. Helping you take all the factors into consideration is exactly what we want to help you with through these guides. We won't just tell you why we prefer certain Mississauga wedding venues to others; we will let you know why they are better, when one is thinking green.

Keeping the Earth healthy is the responsibility of every citizen, and every citizen needs help finding out what they can do to keep their lifestyles as green as possible. The guides in this section will get you started when it comes to planning events that are not only great, but also as green as possible.

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