Most people reading this site will probably be aware that part of the way in which we can help our planet heal itself is by paying attention to the kind of products we use in our MLS Newmarket condos or homes. On our homepage, we talk about the environmental impact millions of homeowners all over the world had when they gave up aerosol containers in order to stop the erosion of the ozone layer. Today, green product choices still make a lot of difference when it comes to our everyday lives. If you have biodegradable soap on your bathroom furniture vanities you really are making a difference.

This section of our site will feature articles that discuss making environmentally sound product choices in all areas of our lives. This means thinking about what you are buying no matter how large or how small, from living in condominiums and getting rid of your commuter SUV that gets you to work everyday as a commercial mortgage broker to buying green furniture.

We think that after a look through just a few of our articles, you will be amazed at just how many different choices there are when it comes to environmentally-friendly products. Just as amazing are all the different areas that one needs to consider when it comes to whether or not a product is environmentally friendly. Let's take a look at some of the criteria which goes into deciding which products are considered green friendly in day-to-day living.


A lot of people tend to forget to look past the label of a product and into how that product is actually produced. However, it is incredibly important that consumers are aware of just where the products they use are coming from and how those products are manufactured, from groceries to custom lead generation. Most environmentally informative sites, including our own, use several different criteria when measuring the way in which a product is manufactured. These include where it is produced, the materials used in processing, and the efficiency of the production methods, among others.


Materials used in products are a huge consideration when it comes to their environmental appropriateness. A good example would be bamboo flooring as opposed to black oak in new homes toted by VIP condos developers. While both look beautiful in a home, the bamboo is the hands down winner when it comes to green design. Bamboo grows quickly, is harvested with minimal impact, and is quickly processed and broken down. Oak, on the other hand, is hard to renew, breaks down slowly, and takes a lot of materials to process. Knowing how ecologically-friendly different materials are is of paramount importance when it comes to selecting appropriate products. Just think on a new development of Newmarket homes and how much using green products would affect the area with all of these materials.


No matter what type of product we are talking about, from flooring to cleaning agents, sooner or later it will have to be disposed of. Waste is among the biggest contributors to our environmental problems, both on the land and in the air. The amount of time a product takes to revert back to its basic components is a major concern when it comes to measuring its environmental appropriateness. A perfect example of this is using cloth diapers over the disposable alternatives.

You will quickly see from reading through the articles in this section of our site that there are other determinants when it comes to environmentally sound products as well. Making good choices with the products we use is a very important step in living green every day, so we know that you will find this section very helpful.

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