Rain Barrels

With so much of the eco-focus on climate change and reducing carbon emissions through energy efficiency, a lot of people forget that fresh water is a precious (and disappearing) natural resource too. There are many small changes you can make to your home in Ashbridges Bay and many little alterations in your lifestyle you can implement to help save water. If you're looking to do more than you currently are, why not consider adding a rain barrel to your property? This article has all the information you'll need to get started with a rain barrel.

The purpose of a rain barrel is to collect fresh rain water that you can use around the house to do things like water your plants or flush your toilet. Rain barrels cannot replace connections to the city's water supply in most Mississauga townhouses, but they can reduce your dependence on it. Rain water straight from the barrel is fine for plants, watering the lawn, and washing the car, but it should not be ingested by people or animals unless it has been treated and filtered for bacteria and parasites.

There are several different types of rainwater collection systems. The simplest is a single rain a barrel, which is just a free-standing plastic or metal tub left out in the elements to collect rain. You can use an old bathtub or other large container if you like, which would help keep such things out of the landfill. If you don't have anything like that lying around, you can also go to the growers supplies store and pick out a commercially prepared rain barrel, which has a spigot near the bottom for easy pouring and hose hookups.

The other type of rain collection system you might want to consider is a more coordinated multi-barrel system that connects with your home's water pipes. Homes with rainwater collection systems will have three taps: hot, cold, and grey water. These types of systems are much more useful in drought prone areas where water restrictions prevent homeowners from watering plants, taking baths, and using water for other non-essential tasks. So if you own Plano real estate or a home in California, you might consider a rainwater collection system.

North America is actually quite behind in the implementation of rainwater collection systems. You almost never see a rain barrel outside Toronto Real Estate Maps while a lot of homes in Australia have them. The difference is that there is so much fresh water in Canada that we take it for granted, while the Australians struggle with frequent droughts.

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