Water Conservation

We live in a world where environmental education and responsibility are more important than ever. With everything from reusable shopping bags to hybrid cars, everyone is looking for new ways to help protect Mother Nature. For you, the home owner, there are many steps you can take in your condo in Mississauga to not only go green, but to put some pennies back into your pocket while you do it.

Water is by far the most important thing our body ingests on a daily basis, so it's important that we do what we can not to waste it, and the first line of defense comes in our own Bloor Yorkville homes. Every time we flush the toilet, five to seven gallons of water are used up. There are clever ways, however, to lower the amount of water we use in this very important utility without putting unwanted pressure on our bladders. By filling a few water bottles with sand or purchasing a float booster for your tank, you can save up to ten gallons a day. Be sure also to check for leaks to prevent unnecessary water loss.

When brushing your teeth, turn the water off after wetting your brush. Men should also try rinsing their razors in the basin rather than under the tap. Taking shorter showers is an affordable way to cut down on water bills, but water saving shower heads can cut down on your water consumption even more. Finally, be sure that you check all the bathroom pipes around your real estate in East York to ensure that there are no unwanted leaks.

Even in the green kitchens of the newest Toronto luxury homes for sale, practicality will save you money on your hydro bill. While cleaning your vegetables or washing dishes, don't let the tap run while you work. Filling the sink will work just as well and cut down on water usage. As much as we all love a refreshing glass of cold water, there's no need to run your tap just to get it. By always keeping a fresh bottle chilled in the fridge, you cut down on usage significantly.

If you're not enjoying the city view from the many lofts Toronto patrons call home, the lawn and garden is a great place to cut down on your water usage without sacrificing your lush green lawn. Laying down a few inches of mulch around plants and trees will help slow evaporation and allow you to water them less than normal. Rather than sprinkling your lawn, give it a good drench to that the moisture will stay embedded longer. Also, be sure to adhere to any water curfews during those dry summer days so that it may be used for more essential uses.

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